Why we cancel – Alex Market Day Cancelled – 14.03.2020 | Sunshine Coast Collective Markets



We wanted to take this opportunity to give you all a little more understanding in the reasoning why we cancel our market due to bad weather and why we don’t run the market during wet weather.

Most other markets will run rain or shine which is amazing but as for our little artisan market we decided long ago that when it comes to weather that could potentially damage our stalls products we will always cancel. The safety and protection of our stalls and their incredible creations is our number one priority!

We all know we can’t control the weather no matter how hard we try, when we have had rain like recently there are factors to consider like the ground, the wind, of course the rain, will people come if it’s pouring, will artisans end up with ruined or damaged products because of the rain and so on. You get the idea! The process of cancelling takes many days and a lot of energy to ensure we are making the right call.

So many things go into creating an enjoyable market day and that is what we want for you, those happy, groovy market vibes, the ones that keep you coming back.

We hope that you understand why we make these calls, it is never easy but we believe in standing behind our stalls and doing everything we can to give them the best platform.

Happy weekend friends!
Big love from your SCCM team, xx.

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