Meet Karen from Johnny Bandana | Sunshine Coast Collective Markets



Want to meet someone who love your furbabies as much as you do? Well look no further, Karen from Johnny Bandana is your girl! She has been a big part of what makes our market the market it is today and we are always delighted to catch up with her on market day, which we strongly suggest you do too! But in the meantime, learn more about Karen below

1. How did you come up with the idea of bandanas for dogs?

I was inspired by a photo that I saw from a Dog Rescue article, the pooch was wearing a bandana and I thought I would like to do that. I LOVE dogs and the unconditional love that comes from having them as part of the family. The name is in memory of a much-loved x.

2. How many kids do you have?

I have one son, or should I say young man-son. He is in his last year of school, ready to set flight!

3. Do you have any furbabies of your own?

I have two furbabies. Bit like the odd couple really or the movie twins! Roxy, who is almost 10yrs is a Jacky x Mini Foxie (Princess) and Jack, is a 2 ½yr Red Cattle x Mastiff… maybe. Just imagine a tiny floppy playful puppy x 10 time size!! Funny to watch them play.

4. Is this something you do full time or do you have other jobs/hobbies?

I am a graphic designer by trade, I have been a screen printer and also work in the Community as a Carer.


5. What is your favourite thing about your craft?

I LOVE CHOOSING FABRIC, I love coordinating and creating the product. I love meeting markets goers and talking about their dogs and the antics they get up to!

6. If you had a whole week off and could do anything you wanted what would you do?

WOW where to start, a beach somewhere in the mix is a def. I think I would LOVE to spend that week in Perth.

7. Do you have any fun facts or secret talents?

Hmmm, I designed the Lift bottle for Coke Cola.

8. What is the best part of your SCCM morning?

I look forward to catching up with my MKT neighbour Liss (@coolumkokedama) and discuss what to eat. And meeting the doggos that come in for a drink, pat or a bandana.

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