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How we started

This all started back in 2016 when the markets were at Mooloolaba Primary School. We ran the market there for just short of a year, under the name Mooloolaba Collective Markets.

In August 2017, we took the market on tour, renaming to Sunshine Coast Collective Markets.

A market day was held at Buderim in August and Big Top in September, before settling into our current location at Coolum Primary School in October 2017.

We are so grateful to the amazing community who have shown us so much support by coming to each market day and by spreading the word across the Sunshine Coast and beyond!

Also, we are super thankful to Coolum Primary School, as they believed in our vision from the start. Now at twice a month, they have continued to offer us a welcoming home and a constant excitement for the future of the market!

What we’re all about 

It’s quite simple really… we aim to create a platform for our local artisans, foodies, growers and musicians to gather and showcase their craft to Sunshine Coast locals and visitors from afar.

Along with this, we want to create a community of support within our stall holders to feel encouraged and inspired to continually grow their brands.

Why the Diamond?

We wanted to have logo that represented the heart of our market. Something that captured the unique and inspiring artisans and their items. Our market has become a modern day treasure hunt not knowing what you’ll find or who you’ll meet, but knowing that you’ve entered a place that is special and is full of unique gems.

But we wouldn’t have any of this if it wasn’t for our incredibly talented stall holders.

Woven together they have created a genuine and supported community and by getting to know them you’ll find that they are the real treasure!

We did a blog post about our logo too! Check it out here!

Who are we?

Let us introduce ourselves! We are Matt, Kelsey and Olly and we own the Sunshine Coast Collective Markets! We have a passion for supporting small local businesses and creating oppurtunities for them to showcase their products to a broader customer audience. To put it simply, we are constantly amazed at the creativity and quality of the products our stalls produce and we want more people to fall in love with them!

We are a young growing family living right here on the Sunshine Coast. Kelsey is from the snowy town of Calgary, Canada and Matt is tropical (sweaty) town of Townsville, Australia and our son Olly, was born on the Sunshine Coast in 2018. We have lived here for the past 9 years and are stoked to call it home! As Sunshine Coast continues to grow, we aim to continue to create oppurtunities for more customers to get behind and support our local artisans!