Native Swan River Daisy Seed Bombs 6pk


by Aussie Seed Bombs

Stunning native flowers to support native bees in Australia. Sow in autumn for beautiful spring display.


A Native Australian Daisy with gorgeous looking flowers that are perfect as cut flowers or enjoy them along with the Bees & Butterflies in your garden. These beautiful self seeding flowers are easy to grow & can handle all Australian climates. Autumn planting gives late Winter to early Spring flowers.

Made from Organic compost, organic non-gmo seeds & premium clay, Aussie Seed Bombs are an easy to use alternative to gardening for all levels of experience. Just soak or wet your bombs when you are ready to throw or plant to trigger germination. The compost and clay becomes the bedding and nourishment for the germinating seeds.

No soil or ground preparation is needed!
No tools required!

Where do seed bombs grow?
Pots. garden beds, or bare patch … Attract Bees and Butterflies in any size garden!

Each Cotton bag contains a minimum of 6 bombs each containing 8-10 seeds

Aussie Seed Bombs packaging aims at being reusable and plastic free.