Noosa Nomad Turkish Towel – Ruby


by Sumavi Beach Accessories

Luxe Turkish Towel ideal for:

  • Beach/poolside/yoga/gym
  • Towel/scarf/shawl/throw
  • Sand free/lightweight/fast drying/compact
  • Ethically Made

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The Noosa Nomad is as unique as the many roads, rivers and tracks throughout the world, each with their own diverse colours and textures. While the Nomad is of a heavier weight, it is still light, super absorbent, fast drying, soft and compact. Finished with hand tied tassels.

Ethically Made with love in Turkey, in small workshops run from families homes. All tassels and fringes are hand twisted & tied.


Noosa Nomad Turkish Towel Details:

Ethically Made in Turkey

Material:  100% Turkish Cotton

Size:        95×180 cm (37.4″ x71″) excluding tassels

Weight:    420 gr

Perfect for:  Towel, sarong, scarf, shawl or throw