Meet Claire. An amazing jewellery maker who is so down to earth and the kind of person that you could talk to for ages without any effort! She has been with us for years and back in the day her mom would often join her in the stall beside her, it was a family affair 🙂


When did you start your business and how did you come up with the idea?
One Small Squirrel was founded around 4 years ago when I began craving a creative outlet and it has certainly taken me so much further than I envisaged when I started! I hunt and gather ideas from the local environment; our gorgeous Sunshine Coast beaches, forests and sunsets as well as fashion trends and customer demand. My designs are as varied as their inspiration. I create bright, bold and fashion-forward earrings using polymer clay as the primary medium, whilst often incorporating metal findings, tassels and the occasional splash of glitter and resin pigments.

What does your daily life look like and where do you find the time to create? 
Like so many small business creatives, my daily life is full and varied. I work a ‘day job’ as a medical receptionist, a full-time job as a mum to our 9 year old son and partner to Donald. One Small Squirrel has to fit in around all that which means you will find me creating mostly in the evenings or in a few snatched weekend hours. 
What keeps you going when things are tough or you have a lack of motivation? 
There have certainly been some challenges with keeping motivated in 2020! without markets and face-to-face sales, it’s really hard to keep up the drive to create. But I am all so very blessed to be so supported by the SCCM community as well as the wider Sunshine Coast community who are fantastic at supporting small businesses. Knowing someone – or many someone’s – have got your back definitely helps keep the motivation bubbling away, even if it is at a very low simmer sometimes.

What is the main thing you have learnt while running a small business or passion project?
I’ve come to understand that the more energy and positivity you put into your passion, the more it will reward you. During times where I am lacking motivation, I find sales and marketing opportunities really drop off. But when I get back out there, put in some energy and good vibes, things always turn around. Its like karma really, you get back what you put out. It’s important to allow yourself downtime and quiet periods to recharge and then when you come back to create, the ideas are fresh and things just flow. 
What does each sale mean to you?
I’m pretty sure every single stallholder will agree with me – it doesn’t matter how long you’re been doing this, EVERY sale, even the tiniest ones, give you a little buzz. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing someone loves what you made so much that they want to take it home with them. It might remind them of a time in their life, of a person or maybe it just speaks to them in another way. Whatever the reason, the fact that it brings joy to them, brings joy to me. 



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