Meet Cat. It has been so wonderful getting to know Cat over the past few months, the market has loved having her soaps and her connection to living simply! Something we can all do a little bit more in our busy lives.


When did you start your business and how did you come up with the idea?
In 2016, I started a personal journey in pursuit of a more meaningful life, which led me to a lot of new discoveries. One of them was a big passion for simple living, simple things, simple products…SIMPLY SOAP, made by me. I’ve then created Simply Soap Company in 2019, to be able to share my 100% natural soaps with everyone.

What does your daily life look like and where do you find the time to create?
I’m a mum of 3 kids and the primary carer of them, so my days are spent with them and planned firstly around their needs. I find my time to make soap and to build my business at night, little by little, with no pressure.

But saying this, I want to tell mums with small babies that is ok not to work, is great that you take the time just for your baby. Work is always going to be there, ideas for businesses also. I only started my business now that my younger kid is 3 and I feel that I couldn’t do it earlier.

What keeps you going when things are tough or you have a lack of motivation?
You just have to Believe in it, simple as that. And never forget that there aren’t good moments or bad moments in your business or your life, things are what they are, and we will always find a way to deal with them. 


What is the main thing you have learnt while running a small business or passion project?
The main thing that I’ve learned is that we need to find WHY we do what we do. The why is everything, it’s your engine to keep going and never give up.


What does each sale mean to you? 
First, it means a “Hi5” with my partner because we should always celebrate our “wins”. It means that I’m contributing to someone’s wellness and wellbeing in a small way, by providing a pure and clean natural product, that respects their body and the natural environment. It means that I’m doing something that I really believe and that means a lot to me. 




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