With only a 5% chance of rain & 100% chance of a great day where else would you rather be!

7 am until 12 pm Alex heads is where you will find us. From 12:01 pm we will be floating in the ocean. Markets, surf, sand & did we mention FOOD!!

Now I know we are getting Christmas reminders everywhere we go & the supermarkets tend to start reminding us 3 months out… However, Christmas is going to look quite different this year. I encourage us all to try to be a wee bit sweeter to our neighbours, that may or may not have kept us up on the weekend until 3 am. Have a little more patience for the slow driver, driving in the right-hand lane. Understand that during this time it will take us twice as long to do anything. Smile at the grumpy humans. Pay ahead for a coffee. Bring the JOY back in all the little ways &  ALWAYS try to support the little guy. Locals support locals – It’s a YES FROM ME. 

Artisan Stalls Coming

Amanda Davidson art | Artistry by L | Ashley Rose Metals | Auston Fox | Bonsai Noosa | Brindle & Hyde | Buderim Brews | Caitlin’s Conservation | Chilli Sweet | Clayed Coral | Coconutandlimeinteriors | Commando Baby | Cosmic Seed | Creative Bowerbird | D8 Denim | Denimtastic | Enfocar Photography | Ezra Kate | Green Frog Adventures | Hemp Haven | Hippy Soul Yoga | Isobel Lane | It’s Dough Time | Johnny bandana | J’s Dogs | Karl Angell – Ocean Art Photography | Kokedamas by Mon/The Plant Sourcerer | LJ Studio | Laneway Lemonade | Lasered Out | Liquorice Moon Studios | Little People Designs | Mallorytocino | Mele and May | Moon Pots | My Memory Lane | Nautical Desire | Noosa Dog Cakes | Not Sponsored Surfwear | Oskar & Koko | Raffia The Label | ResinMecon | Sabali | Sandra and Ingrid | Silver Glass Fusion | Sneaky Beagle | Soulful Co. | Sunday Dreaming | Tara Sage | The Chandlery Co | The Flavour Hive | The Simple Stuff | The Style Square | Tea Whisperer | Tula Homeware | Vesi Olo – Fluid Beauty |  Wendy Christina Premium Skincare | You’re Adored | Yula Designs | Bread/cheese boards, pottery | the design farm

Food and Drink Options

GOOSE ON THE LOOSE | ICED TEA CO | Not just juice | Corn Fritter Co.


As we are all getting used to this new way of life, we ask that you please keep your distance and if you are feeling unwell stay home! We have hand sanitation tables around the market so please ensure you are being safe! 

Market Tunes – katie milae 

See you bright and early on Saturday!

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