Behind the Scenes

When will markets be running again? When can I have a tasty jam-filled doughnut? When can a warm coffee soothe my soul while browsing locally made treasures? These are all great questions and appreciate all the enquiries we have been

Slow fashion and fast fashion are terms that are being used more and more these days. It was something that I didn’t quite understand or put much thought into when I first heard them in conversations or on social media. But

It is so easy to think of only ourselves when we buy something.. I mean we are the ones spending the money and needing that particular item, right? While that is correct, we aren't the only ones who are connected

We get asked now and then, why the diamond? If you’ve seen our logo then you know of course it’s a diamond but it’s more than that. We really wanted to have a logo that represented the heart of our

LEARN ABOUT THE ORIGINS OF SCCM Hi there! We are so happy that you have found your way to this little online space of ours, welcome!You might be wondering what we are all about here at SCCM, it’s quite simple really… we