We get asked now and then, why the diamond? If you’ve seen our logo then you know of course it’s a diamond but it’s more than that. We really wanted to have a logo that represented the heart of our markets, something that captures the unique and inspiring Artisans and their items. When we moved our markets from Mooloolaba in August 2017 and changed our name to Sunshine Coast Collective Markets we thought it would only be fitting to update our logo as well. We worked with an amazing design company here on the Coast called Odd Soul and he came up with a concept that really celebrated who we are and what we believe in. With details from the font we used which is based off what they used in the olden day markets, to the diamond being woven together to show that we as a market work only because we have a community of like-minded people joining as one!  So when we asked Des from Odd Soul to capture our vision this is one the concept he sent through and ultimately what we fell in love with!

1. Vintage style. The rough finish gives ‘handmade’ vibe.

2. As a customer, going to the markets can feel like a treasure hunt you go expecting to find some unique little treasures, which makes the product more meaningful to you. The diamond and the shine are symbolic of this.

3. The diamond is made up of a thread-like pattern. A single thread on its own isn’t that strong but woven together with others it becomes something much greater. This is symbolic of creatives from all walks of life coming together and creating a beautiful community, much like the heart behind SCCM.

4. The Round form gives it a friendlier brighter tone.

Our markets have really become a modern-day treasure hunt, it’s so exciting not knowing exactly what you’ll find or who you’ll meet. But knowing that you’ve entered a place this is special and is full of unique gems that you won’t find anywhere else! We wouldn’t have any of this if it wasn’t for our incredibly talented stallholders. Woven together, they have created a genuine and supported community and by getting to know them you’ll find that they are the real treasure. We are passionate about our stallholders and we want to always be growing our market so that they can have the best platform possible to showcase their talent!

So next time you see it in passing, just know that it represents the collective culture our local Sunshine Coast artisans!

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